Sunday, March 11, 2007

...and then there was one

So, I quit the forum on thursday. I'm back down to one job. I don't think I've gone more than a month with less than 2 jobs in 4 years. School will keep me busy though. I have been getting so stressed out lately. There's just so much stuff going on! I think this will be better.

I need the money, but I can always pick up more shifts at the bee! Don't be surprised if you see me serving now!! Guess I'll have to go buy new khakis! haha

We'll see how long this lasts...I'll probably be itching for another job in a couple of's only been 2 days so far! I've gotten alot of stuff done that I just wouldn't have been able to take care of if I had worked the acc tournament though. So it'll be good!

It'll be easier for me to focus on school and get all my homework done in ample time and with all the weddings coming up, it's just so much easier to request off one job rather than 2 or 3. Something always gets screwed up. Plus for the next quarter (april 2nd-june 17th) I only have classes tuesdays and thursdays so that works out nicely!

Plus, now I can go to games if I want, not that I really went before, and the season's almost over...but whatever! I still have the option now! Go Devils!