Monday, September 19, 2011

Massage Monday : what to (not) wear

Happy monday!  Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Todays Massage Monday is all about clothes. 

Every so often at the spa, we'll have a client call and ask what they should wear for their massage.  To some, this may be a no-brainer, but, for someone, who had never had a professional massage before, this is a legitimate concern.
What you wear is completely up to you.  This is your massage and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

Most spas do not have a dress code.  Obviously, a 'no shirt, no shoes, no service' mentality would apply, but as far as what you wear - that's completely up to you.

If you're doing an island or beach massage, it's preferable that you wear a swimsuit.  There's often not a discreet place to change with those.  Preferably a 2-piece for women...makes it easier to work around for the therapist!

Some specialty massages, such as Thai Massage, do have a dress code.  You should be told about this at the time you make the appointment.

What about during the massage?

Again, this is completely up to you.  It's your massage.

At the end of my consult, I let my clients know that after I step out of the room, they are to undress to the comfort level.  Most people go down to their underwear or full nude.  In any professional massage, you will be properly draped (covered by a sheet) at all times, so you should never feel exposed.  I consider myself to be a fairly modest draper, I only have whatever I am working on exposed at any given time - ie; a leg, an arm, the back, etc.

So there you have it!  What to (not) wear in a massage.  You can check out last weeks Massage Monday to find out jewelrys place.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Massage Monday : jewelry

Welcome to this weeks Massage Monday!  ...and thank you for visiting my blog!

Today we're going to talk about jewelry, and it's place in a massage.  

Some jewelry that is worn everyday, like a wedding band or a watch, becomes second nature.  It doesn't feel like jewelry anymore, it's just a part of who you are.  It's quite common that a person doesn't even realize they could (or should) have taken it off until I'm massaging their wrist...or hand...or neck. 

Remember, this is your massage - you are in control.  You should be comfortable.  If you are more comfortable keeping your jewelry on, then by all means, keep it on.  Keep in mind that your jewelry might hinder parts of the massage and it will most likely get lotion/oil/cream all over it.  

Not all jewelry gets in the way, but I would recommend taking it all off.  So what's okay and what isn't?


If they are small, there is no need to take them off.  Some therapists (myself included) will massage your ears, but unless you're getting reflexology, it's very brief.  If you prefer long, dangly earrings or big hoops, please take them off.  They are just going to get in the way.  While your therapist will try their best to avoid them, the chance of getting lotion/oil on them is high and if they're delicate they could break.


These really are in the way.  It will completely disrupt the flow of the massage when working on the arms and hands.  Again, this is completely up to your discretion - it's your massage, but I would recommend against keeping these on.


These, too, are a hindrance in a massage.  They get in the way of neck work.  They will get lotion/oil on them, and, again, if they are delicate, there is a chance they could be broken.  It makes neck work more difficult on the therapist.  In addition to having to work around the necklace, the therapist will also have to be mindful of pulling the necklace so it doesn't rest against your throat.


If your issues are your hands, these are in the way.  Otherwise, they are pretty easy to work around.  If you are worried about lotion/oil 'gunking' them up, you're best bet is to remove them.  While it will halt the flow of the massage on the hand, unless you're getting reflexology, the work on the hand is generally limited.

So there you have it.  All in all, I'd say jewelry is best taken off in a massage.

What do you think?  Do you prefer to keep jewelry on or take it off during a massage?  Why or why not?  

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today, I was an 18 year old college sophomore.

Ten years ago today, I lived in New Jersey.

Ten years ago today, I had the day off.

Ten years ago today, my mother woke me up in a frenzy and turned on my television.

Ten years ago today, I didn't believe it was real.

Ten years ago today, I thought it was a hoax...or a dream....or something other than the horrific reality.

Ten years ago today, my older brother worked next to the world trade center.

Ten years ago today, my mum was in a panic because she couldn't get a hold of my brother.

Ten years ago today, the phone lines were jammed and it was near impossible to get a hold of anyone.

Ten years ago today, God granted me with a sense of peace - I knew my brother was okay.

Ten years ago today, my brother over-slept and didn't go into work.

Ten years ago today, I picked up my best friend and little sister from high school.

Ten years ago today, all the local businesses were shut down.

Ten years ago today, I cried out to my God.

Ten years ago today, I felt His presence.

Ten years ago today, too many people were affected.

Ten years ago today, too many people were hurt.

Ten years ago today, too many people lost their lives.

Ten years ago today, too many people lost loved ones.

Ten years ago today, this country came together.

Ten years ago today, we vowed to never forget.

Today, that wound is still fresh for so many.

Today, that day is still vivid in my mind.

Today, I know that God is still with us.

Today, we remember.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Massage Monday : Treat Yourself

Happy Labor Day!

These long weekends are great for relaxing, catching up with friends and family, and grilling out.  Know what else an extra day off is good for?  Pampering yourself!

When's the last time you had a massage?  A facial?  A spa pedicure (and I don't mean the $20 mall special)?  

We spend so much time taking care of everyone else, and often neglect ourselves in the process.  We take care of our families, significant others, homes and jobs.  Sometimes life seems so rushed and there's not a lot of 'me' time.  

When we neglect ourselves, put ourselves as a last priority, we're shorting what we are able to give to everyone else.  You can only give 100% if you have 100% to give.  Mark off a half hour or an hour just for you every day.  You deserve it!  And so does everyone in your life.  Give yourself a day, or at least a few hours, once a month, to do something just for you.  Take a bubble bath, get a massage, go lay by the pool, read a book.  Just have some you time!  

You'll get much more done in the long run, if you take the time to cater to yourself!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Massage Monday : tipping

I've been asked (often enough that it warrants a blog post) if you are supposed to tip after a massage, and, if so, how much.  Massage (as well as skin care and nails) are considered to be in the service industry...just like a server or a bartender, so yes, tipping is the norm.  As far as how much to tip...that can be a gray area.

I prefer not to go the percentage route with this one.  Simply because massages aren't on a fixed rate.  You can go to a luxury hotel or spa and pay upwards of $100 or go to a bargain place, such as Hand & Stone or Massage Envy, and pay less than $50.  Chances are, you're getting the same massage.  The quality of massage depends on the LMT, not their employer.  It is unfair to tip them less because they charge you less...if anything, it should be the other way around!

Tipping is a gratuity...a way to thank someone for a job well done...and it should be treated as such.  If you are unhappy with the service you were provided, don't tip!  If you were overjoyed, show it!  

Most LMTs (unless they work for themselves) work on commission.  That commission doesn't add up to much when the client is only pay $35 for their massage!  We rely fairly heavily on tips, and are very grateful for generous clients!  

I have work at low-end (as far as payscale is concerned) places, and, for me, every penny counts! 

Based on an hour Swedish massage...I am okay with $10.  I am content with $15.  I am happy with $20. I am ecstatic with anything more!

How do you feel about tipping for spa services?  How much do you think is a fair tip?  

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Massage Monday : conversation

To speak or not to speak...

Is it okay to talk in a massage?  Not all LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapist) will agree with me on this one, but I think it is completely up to the client.

This is your session.  If you are more comfortable, or relaxed, when you are talking, then by all means!  If you're more relaxed in a quiet atmosphere, than that's great too!  I have clients who chat from start to end.  I have clients who don't make a peep once the lights are dimmed.  I have clients who are inbetween.  It does not affect my ability to give a good massage by the level of conversation.

However, any conversations that is made must be appropriate.

If you'd like to give your life story, that is absolutely your prerogative.  Please don't expect the LMT do the same.  It is not appropriate for a client to ask personal questions of the therapist.  It is none of their business where we live, if we have a significant other or children or where we hang out...among other things. We are paid professionals.  We are not psychiatrists.  We are not here to help you work through your life issues or offer you advice.  We are here to relieve the issues your muscles may have.

If you prefer peace and quiet, the LMT should respect that.  Your therapist should not be starting conversations or unloading their issues on you.  It is absolutely within your right to ask the LMT to be quiet or terminate the session if they are disrupting your relaxation.  I know a few (very few) LMTs who like to talk in their sessions and make it a point to try to get to know their clients.  In my opinion, this is extremely unprofessional.

Any conversation not pertaining to the massage (pressure, comfort, warmth...etc) should be initiated by the client.  It is your massage.  Your preference comes first!

Have you ever had a therapist talk during a massage?  Do you prefer conversation or silence?.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Massage Monday : continuing education

Part of keeping my massage license current, is taking CE (Continuing Education) courses.

In Florida, LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapist) are required to renew their licenses every odd numbered year by August 31st.  In order to do so, we have to complete 24 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) or one CEU for every month that they have been licensed if it is their first renewal period.  12 of those CEUs must be live, in class, hours.  6 of the CEUs are required - Massage Ethics, Florida Law, HIV and Medical Error Prevention.

Basically, we have 2 years to complete these courses...and I waited until this weekend...16 days before the deadline.

I am such a procrastinator!!  

In my defense, CEs are incredibly expensive and time consuming.  I just found myself putting it off...and off...and off...until it was almost too late!  I have a list of a few different courses I'd like to take.   Pre-natal, Touch for Health and Reflexology to expand my repertoire.  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Sports and Chair to grow in the modalities I currently provide.  Unfortunately, when you put things off to the very last minute, the options greatly decrease.

I did the same thing last cycle.

I swore I wouldn't leave it to the last minute this time.  I planned on taking courses I was genuinely interested, a few CEUs at a time, so it wouldn't be too much of a financial or time constraint.  But, life is expensive...time is fleeting...and I'm not much of a planner.  So, here I am.  Again.

With not much time left, I sat down at the computer on Friday to see what my options were.  Of the courses I was interested in, Touch for Health was the only one with any available courses in my area.  Unfortunately, I would have to take two to fulfill my live hours requirement and still find the mandatory courses as well as 6 other CEUs to finish.  Oh, and did I mention those courses are being held on the 30th and 31st?  Talk about cutting it close!!  Not to mention expensive!!  Had I gone that route, I'd be spending upward of $600...not to mention my license renewal fees!

I decided to go a cheaper route.

Last cycle, I took a course from Massage Online Professor.  The instructor, Karen, offers the full 24 CEUs in one shot.  One price.   You go for one 12-hour seminar that covers 2 courses and the rest of the curriculum is online.  I didn't want to go that route again this year because I really wasn't interested in the course topics she was offering this year...but, when push came to shove, it was the best choice.  

For less than 1/2 of what I was would have paid, I fulfilled all my requirements with more than 2 weeks to spare.  

Whew!  That is a weight off my shoulders!  Now I need a massage to rid me of the stress my procrastination caused!

Have you ever put something off so long that you had to settle for a lesser option?  How do you handle procrastination?

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Massage Monday : cell phones

Cell phones are a huge part of our every day lives.  I know mine rarely leaves my side.  It's my alarm clock.  It keeps track of my finances.  It's my calendar.  It's my facebook, twitter and google+.  It's my mp3 player and radio.  It's my email.  It's my source of entertainment when I'm bored.  I can read a book, watch a movie, catch up on news, or play a video game. Heck, I'm even writing this blog on it!  Oh, and I of course use it to call and text.

But, there is a time and place for everything.

Cell phones do not have a place at a spa.  Not while checking in.  Not while waiting for your therapist.  Not during your massage.  Not while checking out.  Please be courteous to your surroundings and turn your phone on silent before entering the spa.

A spa is a place of serenity and quiet, not for 'outdoor' or 'cell phone' voices. A lot of people (myself included), tend to speak louder when on the phone.  It is rude and disruptive to use your phone while at the front desk or in the client lounge.

Your massage is a time of peace and relaxation.  A time for you to forget about the world around you, and focus on your well-being.  A ringing cell phone can be distracting for both you and the therapist.  Think of your massage as a mini-vacation.  Take that hour (30-minutes, hour and a half...or whatever time increment you choose for your massage) and disconnect from the outside world.  Enjoy your short time to yourself.  You can plug back in when you leave.

As your checking out, the therapist or spa personnel might have more info for you.  Wait until you are ready to leave to turn your phone back on and check your missed calls, texts and emails.

You'll feel more relaxed when you take the time to fully indulge in your massage without distractions.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Massage Monday : what to expect

As an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) and lover of massage, I have been in hundreds of massages.  Knowing what to do, both as a client and a therapist, is second nature to me.  It is easy to forget that not everyone who walks into my treatment room is as well-versed as I am in the world of massage.  When you are a stranger in the world of massage, you might not know what to expect.  In todays edition of Massage Monday, we'll be going over what you should expect before, after and during a professional massage.

When you walk into a spa (or massage center or when a therapist enters your home/work/hotel...etc), you should be greeted warmly and professionally.  You should be made to feel welcome and important...because you are! 

If it is your 1st visit to that spa, you will be given an intake form to fill out.  Intake forms will vary slightly from place to place, but they should all cover the same basic name, phone number, address, email, emergency contact, service desired, health issues, areas of tension, health history, and a signed consent.  Most places will have you fill one out on your first visit and then periodically to keep their files up to date.  Some spas, such as Rejuvenating Touch, will have you fill one out each visit.  This is to ensure that each massage is tailored to your specific needs.  The inital intake form will be 1-2 pages long.  Subsequent intake forms are generally shorter.

After you have finished the intake form, the LMT or spa personnel, should show you where the restroom is located and allow you time to use it, if needed, before the session.   The LMT should greet you by name and introduce themselves to you (unless you've already met).

You will then have a consultation with your LMT.  This will either take place in the lounge/waiting area (only if there is only one treatment room) or in the treatment room.  In the consultation, the LMT should confirm with you the modality (type of massage) and duration of the massage you'll be receiving.  The LMT will inform you to disrobe to your comfort level, where you can place your belongings, to take off any jewelry, how you are supposed to lay on the table (face up or face down and which end to lay your head).  They will also go over any pertinent issues on your intake form (health inquiries, tension areas, etc) and ask you if there are any areas you would like focused on or avoided, and outline the massage for you.  This is the time where any questions you might have regarding your massage session should be asked.  The LMT will then leave the room so you may disrobe and get on the table and so that they can wash their hands and prepare for your massage.

Then comes the part you've been waiting for -- the massage!  A basic massage will be full body, scalp, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet and back.  Some therapist will include upper pecs, abdominals and glutes.  If there are any areas you do not worked on, let your LMT know during the consultation.  This is your massage.  Let the LMT know if you would like them to adjust the pressure or music, get you a blanket or turn on a fan, spend more time anywhere or if something is too tender to be worked on.  Your job during the massage, is simply to relax.  Close your eyes and let your mind float away.  The LMT will let you know if they need you to do anything and when they need you to turn over.  At the end of the massage, the LMT will let you know they are leaving the room, allowing you time to slowly get off the table and redress.

After the massage, the LMT will advise you to up your water intake for the next 24 hours.  They will also go over with you any issues they found, advise you on any stretches that might help you, and give you their card. You will then cash out with the front desk (or the LMT if you are not at a spa).  The price should have been set before you went into session, and written on a brochure or advertisement of some sort.   This is the time to express any grievances or praises of the massage and the LMT, and to book your next session!

I hope this brief tutorial has helped to clarify what you should expect from a massage session.  If there is anything I missed, please leave your question in the comments below or email me at  Check back next Monday for cell phones & massage.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Massage Monday Intro

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I encounter alot of different (sometimes interesting...) people on a daily basis.  I often (mistakenly) assume that everyone has the same knowledge I do..on what it is expected of (and for) you in a massage.  I have to remind myself that before I went to massage school, I had absolutely no knowledge of massage.  I didn't know what to do, or wear, or what to expect.  So in an attempt to enlighten some of you, I will be posting 'Massage Mondays'.  Check back every Monday for massage tips, info and stories!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

These boots are made for...something

A few months ago, I attended Oldsmar Days.  It was your typical music, deep fried everything, vendors galore, port-a-potties, long lines at the beer tent.  One of the most entertaining things to do at these festivals (especially the ones in smaller towns) is people-watching.  

Oldsmar Days did not disappoint. 

We stumbled upon this great gem.  I couldn't miss the opportunity for a photo-op.  She had a cowboy hat to match, unfortunately I accidentally deleted the full body shot.  

She makes her own apparel and is somewhat known in the community.  Not surprising considering her flair!  She definitely caught our attention!   Jenn, Des and I felt grossly underdressed.  I didn't have a single sequin or over-sized logo anywhere on my ensemble!   I guess someone forgot to clue me in on festival dress codes...

Check out Jenn's take on free Florida festivals over at Frolicking Flamingo.  Oh, and don't forget to break out your bedazzler before you go to your next festival!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


I'm struggling.

I'm struggling financially.  I'm struggling emotionally.  I'm struggling physically.  I'm struggling spiritually.  I'm struggling in my career.  I'm struggling to stay afloat.  I'm struggling to maintain my sanity.  I'm struggling to maintain my optimism.

But I have faith.  I have a God who loves me.  A God who is always with me.  A God who will never leave my side.  A God who will carry me when I can no longer walk...and I'm just about there.

I've made a lot of wrong choices in my life.  I've often done what was convenient or what fulfilled my selfish desires of the moment and shrugged off the consequences.  The consequences ALWAYS catch up.  Sometimes the next day, sometimes years later...but there they are.  My financial situation is clear evidence of that.  I am awful with money.  To say I have poor money management skills would be a gross understatement.  I'm working on it, and I'm doing better, but I've gotten myself into such a deep, narrow ditch.  It's going to be a long time and a LOT of hard work before I am back on solid ground financially.

I'm drained.  As most of you know, I broke up with my boyfriend about 5 months ago.  Or rather, he broke up with me.  I am crushed.  I was so certain about him.  About us.  So now I'm left feeling jilted. I have been having a really hard time with this.  I am SO thankful for the amazing support I have from my friends and family.  I have spent the majority of my quiet time not being so quiet.  I am angry.  I am sad.  I am heart-broken.  I just keep praying for God to take this hurt from me.  It's more than I can bear.  I'm just so tired.  I don't want to cry anymore.  I don't want to care anymore.  It's too much.

I am in the worst shape of my life.  Over the last 2 years, I have gained over 30lbs...and I am not carrying it well.  I have started (and quit) p90x 7 times now.  I don't know what my problem is.  I don't know why I can't won't stick with it.  I want to be in shape.  I want to feel better about how I look.  I want to fit into the clothes I own.  I want to feel confident in a bathing suit again.  I know I need to just get off my couch and do it.  I know it's not going to happen overnight.  I really need to find some motivation...and keep it!

With everything else that's going on, it's just been really difficult for me to keep my eyes on God.  I know that He is the way.  I know that He is the one who saves me.  I know that I am nothing without my faith.  It's just hard.

I don't think I've ever struggled this much in so many areas of my life at the same time.  I feel like I'm at such a low point.  The only place to go from here is up.  Wish me luck and say a prayer for me if you think about it.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bumblebee Baby

Last month,  I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend, Jazzy.  The theme was bumblebees...because who doesn't find furry bugs that sting you adorable?  ...and because they didn't know the sex of the baby yet.  (as in, what will it 'bee'?  Clever, I know)

Jasmine and James actually did find out what their baby was going to 'bee' the morning of the shower.  I feel blessed to have been able to go with them for their 4D ultrasound and see Jacqueline Grace up on the big screen!

So, with the help of Margaret and Jasmine, I decked my house out in white and yellow streamers and made a slew of delicious appetizers and desserts.  We even had the ultrasound dvd running on loop in the living room. 

Jazzy and I both love to bake and be creative, so we knew we were going to go all out for this shindig.  Unfortunately, Jas and I are also both procrastinators and not at all planners, so we had our work cut out for us.  We made white chocolate covered springtime oreos for favors.  They came out so cute (and delicious)!  We made 4 different kinds of finger sandwiches - pb&j, pb&banana, cucumber&cream cheese, and chicken salad.  Bumbleebee and 'J' sugar cookies (J for Jasmine and James and Jacqueline would have been James Oliver if it was a boy).

Then I decided I wanted to be super creative for Jazzys cake.  Bumblebee theme, you say?  Then I will make a beehive cake!  So, I googled some images...not recipes, or how-tos...just images of bumblebee/beehive cakes and found some really awesome cakes!  I can do that!  Easy peasy.  I give myself alot more credit than I deserve.

It was not easy peasy.

Did you know that springform pans only hold their form for a few uses?  And then they leak?  I didn't.  Let me tell you what happens when you try to bake a cake in a leaky pan.  First, the cake does not set.  Ever.  Not even a little.  Second, the batter drips into the grill of the oven.  Do you know what happens when batter drips onto your oven grill?  It catches fire.  Yep.  I managed to set my oven on fire. 

Thankfully, Margaret came along and saved the day!  Or at least she cleaned out the oven while I remade the cake. 
Springform pans are salvagable if you line the inside with wax paper and the outside with tinfoil and put it on a cookie there is NO chance any more batter will leak!  Thank goodness the second attempt came out MUCH better!!

That mishap, and putting too much flour in the sugar cookie dough and having to restart those, set me back about 2 hours.  I may have put the first few guests to arrive to work.  All in all, I'd say the party was a success.   The food was a hit, everyone seemed to have a good time and my house was left in tact.  Score!
What baking adventures have turned into mishaps for you?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love like You

I was listening to one of my favorite praise songs the other day (Hosanna by Hillsong United) and one line really resonated with me.

'Show me how to love like You have loved me'

I think this is something we all struggle with.  At least, I know I do.  I like to think I'm a 'nice' person.  That I treat everyone equally and fairly.  That I give people the benefit of the doubt.

But I am an imperfect person.

Too often I find myself making snap judgements or gossiping.  I like to justify it by saying I'm just venting or making an observation.  But those are just excuses, justifications.  It doesn't really excuse or justify my behavior.  My friend, Kristi, wrote about just that here.

Sometimes people just rub me the wrong way.  They haven't done anything wrong.  I am in no place to judge anyone else, but I do.  I'll say 'I love so-and-so, but can you believe what they did?' or 'she seems like a nice enough person but did you hear what she just said?'

Who am I to judge anyone?  I have a faulty personality.  I've lied.  I've cheated.  I've stolen.  I've  been mean.  I've been petty.  I've been immoral.  I've sinned countless times.

If only I could learn to love like God loves us.  He loves us unconditionally.  There is NOTHING we can do to alter that love.  No matter how many times we fall short (and we will-again and again and again...), God is there to help us back up, embrace us and say, 'it's okay, my child.  I forgive you.  I love you.  I will never leave you.'.

I want to love live that!  I want to be loved like that.  We are only human though.  We hold grudges.  We make judgements.  We are biased.  This is something I am earnestly working on.  Whenever I hear the venom of gossip flowing from my lips, I have to conciously make the decision to ask God to help me love that person better.

It doesn't matter what that person has done.  It really is none of my concern.  Their struggles are for God to deal with, not me.

Controlling my venomous tongue is difficult.  I will probably struggle with this for the rest of my earthly life, but with Gods help, I can do anything.

What do you struggle with?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am not a Masseuse

I am not a masseuse.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist.

I spent a lot of time, energy and money to earn that title.  There is a LOT more to being an LMT then just 'rubbing people'.  I've studied anatomy & physiology, kinesiology, pathophysiology, history of massage, and eastern & western modalities.

I know what I'm doing.  I am not spreading lotion on you haphazardly.
When I tell you everything is connected, I know what I'm talking about.

I am a professional.

When I ask if you've ever had a massage before, I don't mean by your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/relative/friend.  I mean by a licensed professional.

I do not want to see you naked.  I don't care if you're not modest.  I am.  Allow me to leave the room BEFORE you beginning unbottoning your shirt or undoing your pants.  I am trained in draping.  I will only expose whatever body part I am currently working on.  You should NEVER feel exposed during a massage.  If you do, let your therapist know and he/she/I will drape you more modestly.

When I ask how you're doing before your session, I don't want to hear about your day.  I am concerned with sore/stiff/tender/tight muscles.

I am well-versed in the kinesiology of MUSCLES.  I do not know if you are misaligned.  I cannot tell you if you have a bonespur.  I cannot crack your back/fingers/toes.  I do not know why your body feels a certain way.  I cannot diagnose you.  Seriously.  I am legally not allowed.

I am a paid professional.  You are my client.  Our relationship during that session is as such.  You are not privy to personal information about my life.  It is none of your business where I live, where I hang out, what my relationship status is, where my family lives, what my ethnicity is, how old I am...etc.  Please do not ask me personal questions.  If you would like to talk during the session, that is perfectly fine.  It is your session.  If talking makes you more relaxed, by all means, go right ahead!

The intake form you are given to fill out is necessary.  Your health determines what types of massage you are eligible for...if any.  If you are told you cannot receive a massage because of the health information you have given, trust that we know what we are talking about.  Cancer, for example, is not completely contraindicated (unsuitable for massage); however, there are a LOT of dos and don'ts involved.  I, personally, am not comfortable with oncology massage.  I am not trying to offend you by not working on you.  I am not trained to perform oncology massage and I am looking out for your best interest.

Massage Therapy is a health industry.  Yes, it crosses over into beauty and luxury.  Ultimately, the goals are health.  TRUST that I know what I'm doing.  I am not a glorified lotion applicator.

I went to school for Massage Therapy.  I am a licensed professional.  It took hard work and a lot of studying to become an LMT.  This is NOT a stepping stone for me.  THIS is my career.  I am not an underachiever.  You are not entitled to look down your nose at me.  My career choice is just that.  My choice.  I provide a beneficial service.

I am not a masseuse.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today, Ash Wednesday, marks the start of lent. This year, I will be abstaining from video games.  This may not seem like a great feat, but, trust me, it will be.  It's only been one day so far and my fingers are itching.

I play video games on my blackberry when I'm at work, or waiting for someone or something...or basically anytime my phone is in my hand.  I play Wii when I should be cleaning, or working-out, or sleeping.  I play The Sims when I watch tv...and when I'm not on the Wii.  Video games occupy an absurd amount of my time.

I will also be fasting once a week, as I have done for the last 12 years.  It always amazes me how much stronger my prayers feel, how much closer to God I feel, when I fast.

I pray this season of lent deepens and strengthens my relationship with God.  That it renews a sense of dependency on Him deep within me and lessens my need for material things.

What are you giving up this year?

Monday, March 7, 2011


I need a change.  My pants don't button up on least not comfortably.  i have grown to be way too lazy.  Today, that changes.

I've always been pretty lucky in that I have a fast metabolism. Growing up, I was always slender with little to no effort on my part. Because I never really HAD to workout, I didn't. I was never involved in any sports or athletic activities and grew to have a pretty sedentary lifestyle. A few years ago I noticed the weight was starting to stick a little more and then shifting. Over the last 2 years, I've gained 30lbs. This is NOT a happy weight for me.

So today I start p90x.  Again.  THIS time, I'm going to make it all the way through.  THIS time, I won't quit.  THIS time, I will BRING IT!

I figure if I REALLY want this attempt to be different, I am going have to go about it differently.  My biggest downfall is distraction.  I'm giving up video games for lent, so that will hopefully cut down on that.  I also need help with accountability.  I'm less likely to give up if someone is looking over my shoulder.  So I signed up for a beachbody coach and I'll be tracking my progress on here.  I'm asking that all of you hold me accountable.

If you are doing, or thinking about doing, p90x, or any other beachbody workout, I highly recommend signing up for a coach.  It's free.  You can log your workouts and your progress.  You can join online workout groups who have the same goals and/or fitness level as you.  Your coach can help keep you motivated and answer any questions you might have.

My beachbody coach, Lindsay Matway, is truly an inspiration for me. I've known her for almost 3 years and have seen her p90x transformation first hand. You can sign up with her at (and then add me as your workout buddy!). I hope I have HALF as much success as she did on this, my 6th, attempt.

Now its time for me to get 1 - Core Synergistics.  Wish me luck!  I leave you with my day one pictures.  I'm not proud of these, or in the least bit happy with them, but I will be posting my progress every 30 days.  Keep me accountable!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

=) 30

Day 30 - reflect on the past 30 days.  Has your life gotten any better?  Do you feel any differently about things around you?

I'm going to go with no on this one. My life is pretty good right now.  I'm happy.  I'm in love.  I have faith.  I feel blessed.  I've enjoyed this daily blogging for the last month, but I don't think it has changed my outlook at all.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my happiness!